Master Plan


World-wide the tendency is towards mixed use development with safe, attractive vibrant and free accessible public space. Work-Live-Enjoy' or 'Work Home-Recreation' concepts are generally seen as attractive and sustainable on the long term. A cosmopolitan atmosphere with cultural and leisure amenities is a condition to attract foreign companies. Urban governments choose for scarcity by creating dedicated sites for various types of business development and blocking similar development elsewhere.

Only a comprehensive master plan for an integrated urban development will work. All aspects and sectoral issues involved in building a complete city have to be addressed. Programme and plan should be flexible and should be adjusted regularly to the ever changing circumstances and market preferences. Long term blue print plans won’t work. Also temporary use of lands can be used as a support for the over-all development of a new city.

We are going to develop a world class infrastructure facility. In first phase, major spinal road (North-South) will be developed with road furniture. The whole DREAM City project will be developed in five phases.

Process Followed

Process Followed

The public participation process and stakeholder consultation for DP-2035 Khajod Urban Development Authority has been conducted. The level of participation and involvement of different stake holders has been detailed in this chapter. Different discussions and various meeting were held to understand the view and opinion of stakeholders for revision of development plan.

The stakeholders’ participation included experts’ consultation, in which the stakeholders were involved through focus group discussions to review and assess the existing situation and needs for the future. The consultation was more participatory and collaborative, as series of working group meetings were held and stakeholders were involved in making more specific suggestions for improving the existing conditions.

DREAM City Ltd. master plan area is covering almost 42% of Khajod Urban Development Authority area. And as, Khajod Urban Development Authority's powers were given to DREAM City Ltd., stakeholder’s consultation done for DREAM City Ltd. is directly considered for Khajod Urban Development Authority Area.


Land-Use in DREAM City

Zone Area

Zone Delineation in DREAM City

Area Distribution - First Phase

Area Distribution in DREAM City